Predictive Analytics

Refine management with Advanced Analytics

Predictive Analytics (PA) is applied in a wide variety of sectors. With advanced analytics and data science, companies generate added value from their data. 30 experienced Quantitative Business Modelers (QBMs) from the Horváth & Partners Steering Lab combine business with advanced analytics. Our PA team shows you how to let your data work for you or take over your planning. Increase your efficiency and accuracy with the use of a digital, data-driven business steering - with algorithms as steering wheel.

Data Driven Steering

Make data usable for modeling

The Steering Lab relies on a proven framework to quickly, effectively and productively deploy QBM solutions. We collaborate with you to define the target variable and identify possible drivers. Our experts aggregate and prepare relevant data to make them usable for modeling. Using the most powerful algorithms, we create the optimal model and implement it with a customized application. We provide you with advantages, by

  • creating forecasts,
  • improving and quantifing the forecasting quality
  • clustering and mapping properties,
  • developing dynamic pricing and new controlling tools
  • and by introduceing process automation.

Industry-specific expertise

Effectively implement state-of-the-art solutions

Automotive, Banking, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, High Tech, Industrial Goods, Insurance, Logistics, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Public Sector, Retail, Telecom, Transportation, Travel und Utilities: Our PA team has strong expertise and refers back to more than 100 use cases in a wide variety of industries and functions. We are happy to guide you through the entire process - from the use case identification to the final productive application. With the use of machine learning

  • you improve your demand forecast by up to 25 percent,
  • reduce your set-up times and optimize your logistics,
  • forecast payment defaults, cash flows, sales or maintenance costs.