Enterprise risk management

Design performance-oriented risk management systems

The globalization of markets and ever-growing digitalization are confronting companies with new and complex risks. These challenges necessitate the rethinking of risk management: It needs to become a fundamental component of corporate management, and one which actively contributes to corporate success by being strongly oriented towards performance and decision-making. Our staff can assist you in establishing cutting-edge risk management systems using innovative technological methods.

Risk maturity assessment

Review established structures and identify potential

Our consultants have many years of expertise in risk management. Optimizing your risk management system begins with a risk maturity assessment. With this process we establish a common understanding of your company’s starting point, and can develop a tailor-made solution.

You will benefit from:

  • A clear view of the existing risk management system
  • Identification of optimization potential by using best practices
  • Development of a clearly defined target structure for risk management
  • Development of a catalogue of measures

Integrated risk management processes

Effectively link corporate management and risk management

Our team establishes effective and needs-led risk management processes in your company; these are supported by digital tools and linked to your company’s strategic management processes. Employing cutting-edge methods for risk assessment and analysis, we ensure that your company properly considers the information obtained from risk management when designing management and decision-making processes.

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