Compliance and controls

Protect your business effectively and efficiently

Digitalization and networking offer enormous potential for companies, but also present them with the considerable challenge of systematically and effectively protecting complex data and process structures. Numerous regulatory requirements mean that company-wide control and security systems must be put in place. Many companies are feeling great pressure to act. We can help you, by systematically identifying process-related risks and integrating targeted security mechanisms to protect your company with.


Clarify process risks and enhance security

A profound understanding of the process is essential for integrating an efficient and effective internal control system (ICS) and information security management system (ISMS). Optimally implemented and cutting-edge ICS and ISMS systems can guarantee reliable processes within your company and offer intelligent support.

Our experienced consultants have broad-ranging expertise in the design and implementation of ICS and ISMS solutions. These make a significant contribution to your company’s success and meet regulatory requirements. Our core areas include:

  • Carrying out systematic GAP analyses
  • Designing custom ICS and ISMS solutions
  • Creating a clear view of existing process risks
  • Implementing appropriate security and control measures to ensure efficient processes

EU General Data Protection Regulation

Create data protection compliance, minimize liability risks

For protecting personal data, a structured approach and the right expertise are required; this also minimizes liability risks for your company. With our proven and practical approach, we will work with you to efficiently implement your data protection project. Whether any actions have already been put in place or they are still pending, our experts will dynamically adapt their approach to meet your individual needs. This approach ensures we always keep your specific issues in focus, so we can successfully implement the right data protection compliance system for your company.