Your Propects: Learning & Training

Develop further. Grow.

We make a special commitment to foster your ongoing personal development, and work with you to jointly focus on sustainably developing your expertise.

As you develop your skills, we can empower you further. We offer a broad spectrum of professional training, from in-house training courses to dissertation programs. There is a clear aim behind what we offer: To build on your talent, increase your professional knowledge, and grow your leadership skills.

Training Curriculum

Our needs-based internal training programs systematically ensure perfect qualification for your daily business. Here you can develop not only your methodological and social skills towards whatever specific targets you have, you can also continuously build up and expand your professional expertise and learn from experts. 
At the start of your career, the focus is on basic methodological training and a broad professional grounding. In the course of your career development and as you take on more responsibility for projects, your qualification measures will be expanded to include leadership skills, acquisition abilities, and specialist fields of expertise.

Horváth Business School

The core element of the internal curriculum is the two- to five-day Horváth Business School, which takes place once a year.
This forms the basis for consolidating specialized technical expertise. The elements of further development covered are based on the respective consultants’ level of experience, ensuring that participants are able to successfully master daily challenges in a dynamic environment. The Horváth Business School is the ideal way to experience continuous further development through extensive training options, as well as to network with a wide-ranging peer group. We are conscious that every employee has a specific set of duties with us, and we want to train and promote our employees to fulfill their role to the best possible ability.


We support you in your academic study. Our scholarship program sponsors dissertation projects, MBA programs and masters courses in business studies. We have prestigious links to international academic research institutions, and thanks to our academic roots, we have numerous connections in the university sector. We will gladly supply you with the necessary contacts to universities, departments and professors. There is also another positive side to this: By successfully acquiring a further academic qualification, you will raise the company’s power to innovate by developing methods or even opening up new topics and fields.

Expert Exchange

Your success in academic qualification increases our company’s power to innovate, while you further develop established methodologies or even discover new research topics. It is a tradition at Horváth that our consultants publish on their specialist fields in journals and books, as well as give presentations at congresses, symposiums and university events.

Individual Development

We challenge and encourage you and your skills development, based entirely on your own personal needs and wishes. Our aim is always to give you what you need to progress in your day-to-day work with us.