Your entry and prospects

New position. New outlook. Your prospects for success.

Are you one of the best in your profession? Do you want to develop further? At Horváth & Partners, you get to be part of a consultancy that believes we “grow as we go”. We grow through our work. We develop together, and we share a conviction that learning makes life more worthwhile. Where we differ from many other companies is that we don’t believe this means employees need to “grow or go”, or that it is a case of moving “up or out”.

Your career moves at the pace of your own personal experience and development, and we will support you throughout. We encourage you in your professional, methodological, and personal performance. From your very first day. Our consistent support and encouragement of employees is what our corporate success is funded on.

Your Entry: Onboarding, Mentoring & Networking

Join us. Take off.

Your future position in the company is based on your performance: Depending on your academic degree, your professional background, your experiences, strengths and preferences, your career development will be individual.

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Your Prospects: Learning & Training

Develop further. Grow.

The promotion of your personal development is a special concern for us. The sustainable education of your expertise is our shared focus. As you develop your skills, we can empower you further.

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