Have you completed your studies with outstanding results? Do you want to experience the entrepreneurial pioneering spirit as part of a team, master professional challenges, and seize real opportunities? We offer you an environment that has exciting work, a friendly corporate culture, flat hierarchies and a steep learning curve.

We support your personal growth with special training programs: From the Horváth Business School and individual training courses to the Horváth Scholarship, with which we support your possible dissertation or MBA. With us, you can take your first big career steps, raise your expertise to new heights, and find the place for a long-term working relationship. 

With an undergraduate degree you have the opportunity to build your consulting expertise from scratch, beginning as a Junior Consultant. A completed masters degree or corresponding professional experience is a prerequisite for progressing to Consultant. Our tip: If you decide to take a master’s degree, we can offer financial support if you perform well, and also offer you the option of returning to us straight after graduation. 

With a masters, graduate diploma or doctorate, you will join us as a Consultant. You will be involved in on-site project work with the customer straight away, working closely with an experienced team. You will take on responsibility from the first day onward, managing individual project modules and helping to define the project structure. Working on project tasks, you will apply our approaches and learn the ropes in your subject areas of consultancy. At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to broaden your existing focus and acquire knowledge across different sectors or subject areas. As your experience grows, you will be able to focus on key areas that you are encouraged to write about in specialist publications.