Approach to Consulting

Focus on transformation

Driven by global megatrends and a changed competitive environment, companies must find the right strategic and operative responses to further develop their business model, organizational structures and employees, as well as processes and technologies, in a holistic way and align them future-oriented. The sustainability of corporate success is defined not just by finding the right objective (what?) – but also by choosing the right transformation path (how?). An integrated approach of expertise and change management will increase acceptance among all stakeholders while at the same time promoting successful implementation.

Successful, future-proof changes in companies or organizations are based on a holistic approach. Strategy & Innovation, Processes & Technology, and Organization & People are the key topics and levers here. Our consulting teams have a high level of technical expertise in all these areas. Supplemented by many years of experience and knowledge of the various industries, we transform entire organizations as well as individual areas or functions, be it in enabling functions such as finance or IT or in core business functions such as procurement, production and logistics.

Performance management and digitalization

To ensure that the corporate goals are achieved and to sustainably increase the performance of their company, many of our customers rely on our outstanding core competence and expertise in performance management. We design and implement holistic systems for strategic and operational steering based on the latest technologies and tailored to the individual situation of the company, starting with the clarification of the appropriate steering logic, through planning to reporting. 

Digital solutions play a key role in many forward-looking projects. Because the potential of rapidly developing software technologies is vast for companies. The range of applications available has hardly any limits - from the automation of corporate processes to the digitalization of existing and new business models, from the digitalization of the customer interface, via digitized products and services, to AI-supported corporate management. Digital platforms, cloudification, Internet of things, data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are examples of technological approaches that make data-driven companies so successful. A consistent digital strategy which can be implemented in a suitable operating model using the latest technologies makes it possible to realize the opportunities resulting from digitalization. Horváth Digital provides our digital competencies and technological approaches for this purpose.

What makes Horváth consulting so special